Not quite perfect Sale - Short Sleeve

Not quite perfect Sale - Short Sleeve

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We’re not a huge brand with Outlet stores in strip malls. We also hate to see waste. Marry this with our extremely high standards for quality and we end up with the occasional “B-grade”.

B-grades or “Seconds” can be a problem in the industry. No brand wants to sell products that aren’t representative of their vision of top quality, but then what do you do when you miss that mark?

Our solution is to pass these along to our fans at a steep discount and with an understanding that these items have some sort of flaw. Maybe it’s a slight snag in the fabric. Maybe a stitch line was more crooked than we find acceptable, or maybe we just took the items to a couple of shows and they were displayed on mannequins and tried on enough times we didn’t think it was truly “new” anymore. Either way, it’s your gain and we’re happy to share these with you.

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