Recovery: a repair service

Recovery: a repair service


You crashed. It’s generally not a matter of if, but when. But now you’re picking up the pieces. Maybe you’ve got some road rash, maybe a few bike parts that need a bit of love or replacing, and “DAMMIT” on top of everything you tore your favorite jersey. We get it, it’s like insult to injury.

We’re here to help.

ANTHM believes in a culture of repair, don’t replace. You’ve invested in a quality garment, and it’s seen you through many many miles. You SHOULD be connected to it, just like your bike. So why not get it fixed, and keep piling on the miles. We’re pretty quick, so while your body is in Recovery, we’ll get your jersey back up and running too.

We handle repair on a case by case basis. We can ALWAYS fix something, and please don’t send us something covered in blood. But if you clean the garment and send us a note, we can usually advise based on a photo if it’s repairable.

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