Saltzman SS Jersey Men

Saltzman SS Jersey Men


Any great Portland ride starts with Saltzman. It's the initial ascent into the West Hills from "dirty 30", a bit of gravel through the forest to make your time spent on pavement feel more balanced. Or maybe it's desert before dinner. Whatever you consider it, Saltzman is a little slice of uphill heaven that we ride at least once per week and it’s the namesake of our wool jersey. 

The SALTZMAN JERSEY is made right here in Portland. It's been a labor of love with endless prototyping and scouring the globe for that perfect blend of Merino Wool & Polyester. We think we found it. This balanced knit provides enough stretch and recovery to hold it's shape wash after wash, but doesn't hug the body like a race-fit. Traditional jersey pockets plus one secure zip pocket for your keys or phone are positioned up from the bottom hem for comfort and stability. Elasticated tape with a gel application on the inside of the bottom hem helps keep the drop tail in position. 

But the real story here is the fabric. The 40/60 blend of Merino/Polyester means you get all the benefits of wool, but with the additional performance and durability of polyester. As you sweat, the merino will absorb the moisture. Too much wool and the jersey will become incredibly heavy with sweat and won't dry, but with our blend, the polyester helps spread the sweat across the fabric's face where it dries quickly. This makes it an excellent choice for all but the very hottest of days. When cross season arrives, you'll wear no other jersey. The Saltzman will keep your core warm, even when wet and natural odor resistance will be a welcome benefit when you forget to take your wet muddy jersey out of your trail bag. 

From the Merino Sheep of New Zealand to the capable hands of our sewers right here in Portland, OR, we closely follow each part of the Saltzman Jersey to make sure you have the best quality, most transparently sourced product possible that you can wear for many seasons to come. 

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