How do your Jerseys Fit? Do you have a fit guide?

We DO have a fit guide, it’s below.

BUT, sometimes it helps to have a little more description. This is not a race fit, and it’s not a relaxed fit. We feel that if fits squarely in the middle, but more than that, it allows you to customize your fit. The way the jersey is graded, people can size down to arrive at a race fit and still have good proportions. The body is fitted but not tight, the sleeves are mid-bicep. The collar is also a mid-height for a bit of sun protection but not irritating or too floppy when unzipped a bit. The center front zip is designed around the riding position, not the leaning on the coffee bar position. So yes, it will seem a touch short in a dressing room mirror. But trust us, that’s a good thing because it reduces the bulk when you’re riding.