CX 2016 Week #5 In the immortal words of David Lee Roth...

"The light you see at the end of the tunnel is the front of an oncoming train." 

-David Lee Roth

And so it was that Thursday morning Portland woke up to the end of (early season) cyclocross. Gone, the mad dash to leave work with the hopes you remembered your number. Gone, the hyper-compressed warmup and course preview. Gone, that magic golden hour that picked up our dusty tracks and made them glow with the warmth of an autumn that seemed to never come...until this week. After five weeks of constant cross goodness, we bid adieu. 

But do we go quietly? Are we beaten and battered and burned out from a long year of riding? Fuck no. 

We pass through the end of this tunnel with wild haired, Jack Daniels induced, screaming jump splits, and directly into the lights of an on-coming Cross Crusade. Man, will it be a glorious collision. 

To briefly re-cap our final week of GPBR, PDX Trophy Cup and Blind Date at the Dairy, I'll basically conjure up a bit of Tommy Boy

Seriously people, it was awesome. 

For a few of us, GPBR - Heiser Farms was an initiation. I always struggle with seeing a new course the day of the race and then racing well, but I was pretty stoked during the pre-ride blast through the woods on some winding single track. The course totally delivered...repeated blows mostly to the lower back. Man, it was bumpy and there just seemed to be no rest. The grassy flats rode like Cross Vegas, the long straightaway had like an 80 mph headwind and the rest of the course just kicked you in the teeth. So of course I loved it. In addition to the pain, came mechanicals, flats and even a bee-sting to the face

Um, you might wanna put something on that.

Um, you might wanna put something on that.

Overall, what a killer series. GPBR was money, week after week. 

Brian Anthony