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Saltzman Jersey

Made in Portland, Oregon, ridden around the world.

Additional fresh inventory arriving 12/15!


ANTHM is a group of cyclists passionate about the Outdoors and Conservation who were brought together by the common bonds of riding, and a desire for thoughtfully considered and well designed products. We race, we explore, and we shred. We ski and climb, eat well and laugh hard. We're dedicated to doing something different, and good. We're not interested in building stuff for the sake of selling it. We believe in fewer better things. So we're going to try to make things better, with respect and thanks to the past and a keen eye on the future. 


Built with great rides in mind.

In Portland, any great ride starts with the climb up Saltzman.

It's hard to explain why Saltzman is so great, you really just have to ride it. It's not long or steep, it has no sweeping views, the gravel's not perfect, and to be honest, it's only dry for three months out of the year.  Yet somehow it's just perfect. The moss-covered trees, the loaminess, the earthy smells and fading sounds of civilization, it all just adds up ya know?

So when we set out to create a great classic jersey, we turned to Saltzman for inspiration. It represents a sort of re-thinking of what's perfect to us and why. It isn't one big idea, it's the culmination of all the little components that make for one great jersey. We're pretty happy with how it came out, and we think you will be too.



The 40/60 blend of Merino/Polyester means you get all the benefits of wool, but with the additional performance and durability of polyester. As you sweat, the merino will absorb the moisture. Too much wool and the jersey will become incredibly heavy with sweat and won't dry, but with our blend, the polyester helps spread the sweat across the fabric's face where it dries quickly. This makes it an excellent choice for all but the very hottest of days. When cross season arrives, you'll wear no other jersey. The Saltzman will keep your core warm, even when wet and natural odor resistance will be a welcome benefit when you forget to take your wet muddy jersey out of your trail bag. 




In addition to the traditional three pocket configuration, the Saltzman features a fourth zippered pocket. Your phone, keys or wallet will be held securely by the locking YKK ring pull so there's no concern for lost items mid-ride. 

Additionally the pockets are trimmed with a reflective binding for better visibility and the a YKK center front zipper for reliable quality for years to come.



The SALTZMAN JERSEY is made right here in Portland. It's been a labor of love with endless prototyping and scouring the globe for that perfect blend of Merino Wool & Polyester. We think we found it. This balanced knit provides enough stretch and recovery to hold it's shape wash after wash, but doesn't hug the body like a race-fit. Traditional jersey pockets plus one secure zip pocket for your keys or phone are positioned up from the bottom hem for comfort and stability. Elasticated tape with a gel application on the inside of the bottom hem helps keep the drop tail in position. 

THE Portland process

Designed, developed and hand sewn in Portland, Oregon USA


Classic from scratch

For a fresh look at a timeless jersey, we started from the ground up. Painstakingly draping on forms and bodies to get a rough shape that we could then turn into patterns. This isn't a process achieved at large overseas factories, it's done by hand, with a local crew of talented people.


Patterns and Sizing

Once we arrive at our shape, we can begin the process of creating flat patterns and grading for sizing. Taking care to look at the wide range of body types in all sizes.


Fine tuning the details

Should we HAVE to unzip our collars to be comfortable? Just one of the endless questions we asked as we fine-tune fit and trim details.


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Want to know more about ANTHM? Shoot us a note and we'll get right back to you. 

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